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IPML: Structuring distributed multimedia presentations in Ambient Intelligent Environments

Jun Hu, Loe Feijs

This paper addresses issues of distributing multimedia presentations in an ambient intelligent environment, examines the existing technologies and proposes IPML, a markup language that extends SMIL for distributed settings. It uses a metaphor of play, with which the timing and mapping issues in distributed presentations are covered in a natural way. A generic architecture for playback systems is also presented, which covers the timing and mapping issues of presenting an IPML script in heterogeneous ambient intelligent environments. Keywords: Distributed Multimedia, Software Architecture, Ambient Intelligence, Play

J. Hu and L. Feijs, “IPML: Structuring Distributed Multimedia Presentations in Ambient Intelligent Environments,” International Journal of Cognitive Informatics \& Natural Intelligence (IJCiNi), vol. 3, pp. 37-60, 2009.