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VSMM’06: Xi’an, China

August 11th, 2006

We have got a paper “IPML: Extending smil for distributed multimedia presentations” accepted for presentation at VSMM’06 , Xi’an China.

This paper addresses issues of distributing multimedia presentations in an ambient intelligent environment, exams the existing technologies and proposes IPML, a markup language that extends SMIL for distributed settings. It uses a powerful metaphor of play, with which the timing and mapping issues in distributed presentations are easily covered in a natural way.

J. Hu, and L. Feijs, “IPML: Extending SMIL for Distributed Multimedia Presentations,” Interactive Technologies and Sociotechnical Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, 4270/2006, pp. 60-70, Xi’an, China: Springer, 2006.
DOI: 10.1007/11890881_8
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