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DDW 2015: Gaze Sensitive Objects

Siti Aisyah Anas, Shi Qiu, Hirotaka Osawa, Jun Hu, Matthias Rauterberg
Eye gaze plays an essential element in social interactions. It can generate important social cues in nonverbal communication. The feeling of being look at when we gazing at someone influence our social behavior. By depending on the human eye-gaze as our input modality, we are trying to create a new environment where human can create social behavior with everyday object.Interactive Cup: a coffee cup could be with dynamic behaviors towards human gaze. For example, when you look at the cup, the cup starts rotating and its handle towards you as a gentle invitation for drinking.E-Gaze Glasses: it simulates natural gazes for people with visual disability, especially establishing “eye contact” between sighted and blind people to enhance their engagement in face-to-face communication. [PDF]