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Internet of Screens

InternetofScreensSharing digital media has become second nature for most of us. Throughout the day, we interact a lot with media in the cloud without even noticing it. The cloud has become an essential part of our workflows, but not of our natural behavior. The goal of the project was to share and interact with digital media in the cloud in such a way, that it becomes an integral part of our daily routines. ‘Unify’ aims to link our smart devices together, to make them truly an extension of each other. By knowing the relative position to other devices, we are able to connect them in a much more intuitive way. For example, you can share your digital music with someone else in a physical way by just swiping a song. Magical and meaningful interactions do appear by blending the digital and physical design space.

S. Zoontjens, Internet of Screens, M22 Report, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2015.