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Integrating Technology for Intelligent Products, Systems and Services

by Dr. Jun Hu and Prof. Loe Feijs @IDI, Zhejiang University, 2011 @IDI, Zhejiang University, 2011.

(if you can not see the YouTube video, a link to the YouKu video is at the end of the article. “Read more …” to reveal it.)

The vision for this course is that Industrial Design will be about Intelligent Products which are Adaptive with respect to the user and to the environment.

Moreover Industrial Design will not only be concerned with products but more and more with Systems and Services. This is because the products are connected, for example via the Internet and via wireless connections and because the users are connected through their social context.

One of the most important tasks for designers is to explore what things mean to humans. The explorations, coupled to constructive activities, will lead to innovative Products, Systems and Services. Adaptive systems have sensors, computation and actuators.

Whereas for traditional Industrial Design products it would be enough to create drawings and CAD models, for Intelligent Products, Systems and Services it is much better to create experiential prototypes as well.