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Enriching the reading experience with dramatic soundtracks

by Kacper Holenderski. [PDF, 2.5M]

Enriching Reading Experience

The goal of this research was to analyze to what extent applying dramatic soundtracks to a short story enrich the reading experience on an E-reader. This is an opportunity to give reading a new face allowed by the capabilities of the digital nature of eBooks and E-readers. The set up tested for imagery, transportation and attention through a questionnaire. Additionally arousal was measured with the help of GSR sensors. The results did not show a clear enrichment of the experience. The soundtracks were distracting at some points and complementing at others. The opportunity of dramatic soundtracks in eBooks is still a valid proposition which rests on the proper implementation.

K. Holenderski, Enriching the reading experience with dramatic soundtracks, M11 Report, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2011.