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AdMoVeo: An Educational Robotic Platform for Learning Behavior Programming

This video, made by Sjriek Alers, has been shown as part of a Demo on DeSForM 360, the 5th International Workshop on Design & Semantics of Form & Movement October 26 & 27, 2009 Taipei, Taiwan. It is a compilation of some of the student work for the assignment Creative Programming for designers (Creapro) Showing what the students have learned in behavioral programming with the AdMoVeo robot platform and using the Arduino.


Most of the design students do not have inherent affinity towards programming and electronics. The AdMoVeo robotic platform is designed, purely for teaching the industrial design students basic skills of programming and for motivating and encouraging the design students to explore their creativity with their passions in graphical and behavioral design.

J. Hu and S. Alers, “AdMoVeo: An Educational Robotic Platform For Learning Behavior Programming,” in DeSForM 2009: Design and Semantics of Form and Movement, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009, pp. 218-219.