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Pervasive 2005

I attended the workshop User Experience Design for Pervasive Computing in the Pervasive 2005 conference, together with Christoph Bartneck, presented our work on presence and distributed media, in Munich, May 11, 2005.  

For presence, we presented an experiment that  tested the
influence  the user’s culture background on the presence
experience in a distributed interactive movie. The results shows that
interaction methods had on influence, while embodiment had mixed
effects on presence. The influence of the culture background is clear –
Chinese perceived more presence than Dutch in all conditions. The
influence of distribution on presence needs to be further investigated,
but from the current results we tend to believe that distributed
presentations decrease presence.

For distributed media, two applications from different projects in which video content is distributed over in-home networked devices are presented. Multiple displays and ambience objects are used to display interactive content. Major issues concern the design of appropriate evaluation methodologies, the use of perceived video quality to achieve efficient resource allocation and the subjective role of content consumption.