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LivingSurface: Biofeedback through Shape-changing Display

2016-TEI-LivingSurfaceIn this paper we describe the concept, design and implementation of LivingSurface, an interactive wall-like surface as a shape-changing display of biofeedback. The surface changes its shape responding to an individual’s physiological data, reflecting the internal bodily processes. The surface design basically consists of two layers: the pattern layer (front layer) and the actuating layer (back layer). The first is a complex paper-based structure with repetitive incisions created by laser cutting. The actuating layer serves as a medium transforming the force from servomotors, vibration motors or fans into an action on the
pattern layer. The cutout patterns are stimulated to vibrate, swing, bulge, or rotate which is used to display physiological information in dynamic physical form. This work has been exhibited on Milan Design Week 2015; we collected and analyzed the feedback from the visitors during the exhibition and discuss the possibilities of the proposed surfaces as a shape-changing interface of biofeedback or an ambient display of information.

B. Yu, N. Bongers, A. van Asseldonk, J. Hu, M. Funk, and L. Feijs, “LivingSurface: Biofeedback through Shape-changing Display,” in Tenth Anniversary Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction, Eindhoven, 2016, pp. 168-175.