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Sense your heart

by Alexander van Dam and rick de Visser, a result of the Master module “Sense your heart”.

2013-AlexanderAndRick-SenseYourHeart report In this report we discuss our process of creating an application for a PPG heart sensor. The PPG heart sensor is based on an arduino board and self build as part of the module. From here one we did a short design iteration of two days in which we created a game as the application, made two working prototypes with a second arduino, tested them in game play and made some small adjustments to improve the game.

A. VAN DAM, and R. DE VISSER, Sense your Heart, M12 Report, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2013.
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Semantic Connections: Explorations, theory and a framework for design

by Bram van der Vlist

thesis_Van_der_Vlist_2013This thesis approaches the issue of interoperability between devices and services in thehome f rom a design perspective. It builds on the fundamental idea of ubiquitous computing; that the majority of our products and devices will be able to interconnect and interoperate. This tenet faces designers with a challenge: to create meaningful interactions for users to deal with the complexity of the ecosystem of interoperating devices they function in.

When moving away from interaction with a single product towards interaction with a system of products, designers need to nd ways to communicate the relationships between the products and the larger system they are part of. Additionally, designers are challenged to communicate the possibilities of new, emergent functionalities, that emerge when products are being interconnected. This paradigm shift changes the way action and function are coupled and spatially distributes user interaction.

B. van der Vlist, Semantic Connections: Explorations, theory and a framework for design, PhD Thesis, Department of Industrial Design, Einhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, 2013.

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