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Theming WordPress for Your Showcases

April 12th, 2011 Comments off

Yesterday together with Mathias Funk, we organized a workshop for about 20 student at the department of Industrial Design, TU/e. The idea is to use WordPress as the content management system for making their portfolios or showcases. It was a 4-hour workshop, difficult for both us and the students. But after all, students got the idea and the workshop was well-received. We were exhausted though ­čÖé

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Sense Your Heart

April 6th, 2011 Comments off

By using a PPG system (photoplethysmograph), data from the heart beat can easily be obtained. Although the device is relatively simple, the design opportunities that are created are fast and as complex as the┬ádesigner’s wishes. In the module “sense your heart”, master students created several very interesting ideas and prototypes.┬áThe goal of this module was to get a good understanding of the workings of the human heart and how this working can be monitored. Secondly a learning objective was to implement these measurements in a concept using a self-built Photoplethysmography sensor and corresponding software. This technology can be used for measuring the heart rate, which in our case was used to determine the heart-rate variability which can be an indicator for relaxation or arousal.

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