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Perceived Privacy Handling in an Amigo Extended Home Environment Application

November 9th, 2007 Comments off

by Abdullah Al Mahmud and Yeo Lee Chin. Final USI Project. Report: [PDF, 1M]

Perceived privacy i.e., how users perceive that their privacy is handled by the system, is one of the key issues for the user acceptance of current ambient intelligent environment applications. This project was carried out in the context of the Amigo project, a large IST funded project in which 15 European organizations work together on the development of interoperable software architectures and applications for intelligent ambient home environments. Within the Amigo project, one of the tasks is dedicated to gain insights into how perceived privacy should be handled in an ambient intelligent networked home environment. Our project consisted of designing and building a functional prototype in which the system adapted to changes in the context of the user and the user’s environment while accounting for the users control over their privacy.

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Pattern Recognition LEGO

November 6th, 2007 Comments off

I was really satisfied with what the master students have achieved last week. They have done
more than I expected during that “pattern recognition” week – in their hands the
LEGO can even do OCR and Speech Recognition. They consolidated their knowledge of
machine learning and neural networks that were learnt from previous weeks, and used these techniques for pattern recognition.


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